Ridiculous: Truth That Defies Logic

Has life made you ever stop and say, "That's Ridiculous!"


Maybe you have lost a job or even a loved one.  Maybe the doctor has given you a bad report.  Whatever your story, we have all had moments that leave us wondering what is going on and how will we ever get through.

Pastor Dee Jay Shoulders has been through such seasons.  He has hung is head in his hands, sought help and searched for the answers in the midst of it all.

And now, he has squeezed every ounce of inspiration, help and hope that brought him through into this book with the express intent of pouring into others.  He shares that despite the ridiculous moments in life, God is still in control.  Nothing takes Him by surprise, and in the end, His amazing love and grace will carry us through.

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Transitioning Well
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Join Pastor Dee Jay Shoulders and his father, Bishop Billy D Shoulders in the journey of transition.  Bishop Shoulders is transitioning out of the Senior Pastor role as his son transitions in.  They speak about the process and pitfalls to avoid during this special period.  

This book is a great read for any leader transitioning into a new leadership position.  

Victory At The Midnight Hour
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       Do you feel that life has piled up on you and it's hitting you all at once and from all directions? Maybe it feels like you are at the midnight hour of your life and you're wondering if joy is ever going to come in the morning.

        Pastor Shoulders writes that God knows exactly where you are and He is not only going to give victory at the midnight hour, but He will also give you the necessary strength to make it through your current situation.

Get ready to be lifted up in your soul and spirit as you anticipate victory at the midnight hour.